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Executive Directors Board

Brian Morris Photo

Brian Morris

Executive Director & Founder

Brian Morris is the director of technology, robotics & esports for Canute Public Schools.  On top of those school duties, Morris is also the Executive Director & Founder for Oklahoma Scholastic Esports.  Morris has 10 years of educational technology experience overall, with the last three years being spent with Canute. In addition to his extensive experience in education technology, Morris is an avid gamer who enjoys competing in Halo, Rocket League, and Super Smash Bros. Morris founded Oklahoma Scholastic Esports because he recognized the untapped potential of competitive gaming in Oklahoma schools; it can be used to help give students a sense of school spirit and pride, and encourage other important elements of school life such as academic growth, success, and opportunities in an inclusive environment.



Mike Shipley

Mike Shipley

Assistant Executive Director

Mike Shipley is the technology director, 6-12th STEM teacher, and esports director for Laverne Schools.  On top of those school duties, Mike is also the Assistant Executive Director for Oklahoma Scholastic Esports.  Mike has 26 years of educational technology experience overall, with the last nine years being spent with Laverne.  As a sports enthusiast, Mike recognizes the benefits of traditional sports activities and believes the same holds true in esports. Mike has been an integral part of the overall development and growth of the league and is committed to doing anything to help students in the state of Oklahoma have a positive esports experience.



Tyler Gray

Tyler Gray

Assistant Executive Director

Tyler Gray is a second year esports director and coach, first year Junior High and High School Boys Basketball Coach, and first year teacher for his alma mater, Blair School. He also manages and directs the Altus Esports League under the City of Altus Parks and Recreation Department, the organization that hosts Rec the Halls, a yearly staple for Oklahoma Scholastic Esports. Tyler also volunteers his time as the second Assistant Executive Director for Oklahoma Scholastic Esports. While he is fairly new to the education world, he is no stranger to video games and esports. Video games have been a huge part of Tyler’s life dating back to the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Tyler believes esports and sports play a vital role in student involvement in a school and both serve equally as a way to keep students eligible in the classroom as well as giving them a sense of pride and niche in their school and activities.


Tanner Wheeler

NW Oklahoma Executive Director



Zac Caffey

SW Oklahoma Executive Director



Bobby Alexander

Central Oklahoma Executive Director



Ryan Boren

NE Oklahoma Executive Director




Amy Shaw Image

Amy Shaw

SE Oklahoma Executive Director


Amy Shaw is a Career Tech teacher. She specializes in Aeronautics; however, she also pushes her students to excel in Robotics and eSports for McAlester Public Schools. Along with her other duties as assigned, Shaw is a wife of nineteen years and mother of two children. Shaw serves as a Board Member for Oklahoma Scholastic Esports. Shaw has been working in education since she graduated with her undergraduate degree in 2005 serving her different communities as a teacher, professor, director, and administrator.


Seth Rogers

 Oklahoma Executive Director



Hayden Harrington

 Oklahoma Executive Director




Philip Harrington

 Oklahoma Executive Director




Kaiden Hudson

 Oklahoma Executive Director