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Knockout City Match Procedure

Series Length

Both regular season and playoff Knockout City Championship Seasons will be a 3v3 best of 3. The first team to get 10 KOs wins the round. The first team to win two rounds wins the match. 

Game Lobby, Settings, and Invitations

At this time, Knockout City does not have a custom lobby feature. Players will need to be in the same party to play against one another. The best way to get everyone into a party (KO City calls parties Crews) is as follows:


Each team will designate a team captain. Players should first join a party with their own team captain, then the team captain of the Home team (as determined by OKSE and listed on the LeagueOS schedule) should invite the captain of the away team to the party, joining the two parties together. When all six players are in the same party, the match can be made.


Schools should use the “Create A Crew” feature to create a custom crew named after their school and using their school colors. This will also allow schools to quickly “party up” making the process of joining a party/crew faster (and better looking!)

Game Mode

Once all six players (3 from each team) are in the same party, the team captain of the Home Team should then click on play, then private match.


Knockout City Championship Season must use 3v3 Team KO. 


Once that game mode is selected, players should join their designated side with the rest of the team.

Knockout City Restrictions

There are not restrictions at this time

Knockout City Results Reporting

At the conclusion of the match, each Coach will need to take the appropriate steps to report the results of their match within 24 hours, if not immediately.